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Rbt. Sps. /// Artist Statement October 2007

"I will have spent my life trying to understand the function of
remembering, which is not the opposite of forgetting, but rather it's
lining", French filmmaker and philosopher Chris Marker stated in his
1983 film Sans Soleil. This statement struck a chord with me when
first viewing the movie. All artists have the power to create a
concept or visual statement that inevitably will resonate in the
viewer's mind. To what degree this resonance of the artwork holds is
one of the biggest challenges of an artist.

In my latest work, I am dealing with the concept of memory of the
viewer and memory of technology. There has never been a time in
recorded history in which one could have so much documented material
at their disposal. From photobucket.com albums, to flash drives, to
iPods, and personal computers, the average individual can easily have
a plethora of photographs, sound files, and video files accessed at
the touch of a button.

How does one remember what he or she has stored on an electronic
device, if that number of files reaches the thousands or hundreds of
thousands? How permanent are our neat, clean, portable "memory
machines"? In this latest series, I am going through my own digital
image vault and rediscovering an abundance of photographs that I had
forgotten about.

My new prints are autobiographical in subject matter: collecting and
collaging bits and pieces of my technologically documented past. Each
print is specific in a theme; it tells a story through photographs,
drawings, and other material I have collected and appropriated in
conjunction with the story. These works will serve as an abstract
personal narrative of sorts, with intentions of amplifying the
resonance of these memories.